5 Things to Consider when Buying a New Microwave

Published: 15 May 2019

There are a number of reasons you may start looking to replace or purchase your new microwave. Moving out for the first time, moving to a new premises where it doesn’t fit, planning a new renovated kitchen with new appliances or it has been around for a long time or it’s not working and time to replace.

You might be unsure about where to start when finding the right model, here are a few tips from Sharp.

1)  One size doesn’t fit all

Consider how much space you have in the kitchen and where you would like to position your microwave. Think about what you will use for cooking or reheating. If you have large dinner plates or dishes you may want to opt for a microwave with a larger turntable to accommodate. Take a plate with you to the store to make sure that it fits inside the microwave you are looking to purchase.

2)  Convection

Convection microwaves are just like mini ovens that can also microwave. You can bake desserts and roast meat and veggies just like you would in a conventional oven.  If you live in an apartment or need to save on space a convection microwave is a good option. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining you may want to bake your entrees or side dishes in the convection microwave, while the main dish bakes in the oven. The combination of microwave and convection cooking means that you can have your food ready even faster. Ie. You can defrost and heat a pie in a few minutes with microwave power then bake on convection to get that crispy golden crust.

3)  Auto Menus / Features

Look for features that will make life easier and that you will actually use. Auto Menus and sensors can be used to cook and reheat and take the guesswork out of preparing meals. Auto Menus have pre-set times and power levels so you don’t have to guess. You add the food tell the microwave what you are cooking then press start. Some popular menus include rice, pasta and vegetables, Sharp microwaves even have a Mug Cake button to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you have children you may want to look for a microwave with a child lock function.

4)  Wattage does matter

High powered microwaves heat and defrost food thoroughly and quickly. Generally the higher the power the faster your food can be cooked and heated. Don’t forget you can always adjust the power level to suit your cooking. For example to gently melt chocolate turn the power level down to about 30-50% or quickly cook pasta keep the setting on 100% and take advantage of your microwave high power level.

5)  Microwave or Inverter Microwave?

What is Inverter Technology?

An inverter microwave uses power supply with an inverter instead of a bulky transformer, this allows for a lighter microwave with more internal cooking space. Cooking and heating in a regular microwave often yields bad results as the microwave can only deliver full power. Even at “50% power” the microwave is cycling through the delivery of 100% power followed by no power. Imagine if your oven worked this way! Instead of cooking at 180°C, you’d cook at 360°C for 10 minutes then take it out for 10 minutes and repeat. With an inverter you can say goodbye to hot and cold spots in your food.