Sharp brings a touch of class this spring with the premium 581 litre SJXP580G Glass Door Refrigerator

Published: 24 Aug 2015

 Sharp Corporation of Australia is excited to announce the SJXP580G glass door top mount refrigerator, the latest in its line of stylish kitchen appliances. The new range uses Sharp J-Tech Inverter, the latest innovation in compressor technology, and has an external control panel with a covert LED display to access advanced features including the ‘Extra Cool’ and ‘Express Freezing’ modes.

An elegant centerpiece for the modern kitchen, the SJXP580G features a remarkable shimmering glass exterior which allows for easy cleaning and a higher resistance to scratches and dents compared to steel finishes. Available in Black and Silver glass finishes, the 581L unit consists of a 405L refrigerator section together with a 176L freezer compartment. "We

wanted to create something special in the SJXP580G with its rich feature set and unique sophisticated design", said Halim Saliman, Senior Product Manager at Sharp Corporation of Australia. "With the deep black or elegant silver look glass door finish, the unit becomes the focal point of the kitchen with an aesthetic that blends well with any kitchen décor."

The spacious interior of the refrigerator includes four door pockets and separate cases for fruit, vegetables and fresh food as well as a smooth access shelf for hard to reach items. In addition, the freezer section features ice cube trays which, when used in conjunction with the ‘Express Freezing’ mode, can create ice in only 93 minutes - 40 minutes faster than the average freeze time. To improve temperature control and reduce energy consumption, the SJXP580G uses the innovative J-Tech (Japanese technology) Inverter. A method for making fine adjustments to the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the compressor unit, it allows the refrigerator to use the absolute minimum power to keep the interior at optimum consistent temperature. With J-Tech Inverter, this is increased to 36 incremental steps, controlling the compressor rotation using low-speed operation in accordance with the usage of the refrigerator. With this fine control of the compressor comes exciting new modes, including ‘Express Freezing’ and ‘Extra Cool’. In addition to making ice in a flash with Express Freezing, the Extra Cool function can be used to create a dedicated space in the refrigerator to thoroughly chill drinks and fruit to 0-2°C without freezing. The ‘Extra Cool’ function works exclusively within the fresh food compartment which has a smooth access pull out shelf. Both modes, as well as advanced power saving options, can be easily accessed via the covert LED screen, located on the handle of the door of the unit. The SJXP580G also employs Sharp’s patent Plasmacluster Ion Technology. Releasing clusters of positive and negative ions into the refrigerator cavity, this technology removes and inactivates bacteria and airborne mould spores, keeping food fresher for longer. In addition, the unit uses an AC CU Nano deodoriser filter, placed in the back of the refrigerator, to combat odours and bacteria. When air passes through the filter, the molecules that create smells are oxidised and broken down, removing any odours from the refrigerator leaving the interior smelling clean and fresh. For interior lighting, the Sharp SJXP580G uses the latest generation of LEDs, which come with the benefit of being more powerful, providing better visibility of the fridge and freezer contents, better energy efficiency and a longer service life than classic light bulbs.