Corporate Social Responsibility

“Make products that others want to imitate.” These words, spoken by Sharp founder Tokuji Hayakawa, embody Sharp’s management concept. As a manufacturer, Sharp contributes to society by being the first to make products that meet the needs of a new era. Successive generations of Sharp leaders have, in their own way, pursued this concept by making products that contribute to society and in the process created a corporation that is known and trusted by society.

In 1973, Sharp clarified the unchanging spirit of its founder in the company’s business philosophy and business creed. The business philosophy states that Sharp aims for mutual prosperity with stakeholders—the foundation of CSR today—by contributing to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world. The business creed calls for “Sincerity and Creativity” and all employees must hold to it and follow it in order to realize the business philosophy.

Sharp is working with many ways to fulfill the environmental and societal aspects of its corporate social responsibility. Each of these efforts is an index for gauging how well Sharp conducts business according to its core belief of “Sincerity and Creativity.”

The goal that Sharp aims at through its CSR efforts is nothing less than realizing the business philosophy through its business activities, as well as through social action programs in fields related to these activities. Endowed with a “gene of creativity” since its founding, Sharp will continue to propose one-of-a-kind products and new lifestyles, acting and behaving conscientiously, as a corporation that is trusted by all.

• Achieve the tenets of the business philosophy by promoting “Sincerity and Creativity” in all business practices

  • The business creed is the central axis of all business activities.
  • “Sincerity” means a working attitude mindful of what will offer genuinely useful solutions and happiness to everyone.
  • “Creativity” means a working attitude not content with the way things are. An attitude which always seeks to add value, and to make efforts to innovate and improve.